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Looking For Helpful and Freewill Assistance

We want to be as helpful as we can when it comes to you expanding your personal horizons. As with every person, there is only so much time in a day. We will work hard at finding sources and writings that will benefit you the most.

If you know of solid resources of information or tools that you found very helpful in your educational pursuits, please share them with us. We can use your help in this endeavor. Just remember we look for alternative and beneficial methods; not just something you may be trying to sell. We want to know what personal results you received by what it is you want to share with our community. Thank you for your understanding.

We aren't here to support specific colleges or universities. These sources have their place in this world. Anyone can find information about them in common directories in libraries.

We are focusing our attention on resources that can instruct in a fraction of the time compared to the typical forms of traditional teaching. We also value sources that are not expensive.

There are many people struggling in this world. A lot of people don't have much money. We want resources of education that can benefit any financial situation. The key is to empower individuals to rise above their current conditions regardless what they may be.

Our aim is to get individuals financially successful as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The more people that can gain financial stamina, the more people that can become available to help others become successful.

We want to draw in individuals who have a heart to be a true benefit to other people. When a person has come from a point of financial struggle and then becomes successful; the same typically, and without thinking, is often found giving other people who are struggling a helping hand.

We are in the "individual helping individual" industry. We have no problem with being a benefit to one person at a time. We really do care. Please help us help others, as you help yourself on your road to adventure in success.

Just realize financial accomplishment is only a part of the picture. We are in the Whole Person approach:
  1. Intellectual
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Physical
  5. And of course, Spiritual.
In Spiritual matters, we found the Biblical approach to be most beneficial and helpful. You may not agree, and we respect your freedom to choose for yourself. We also know many people have been misled by the misconceptions of others on what they thought the Bible was about.

If you never read the Book for yourself; for that matter, if you never read any book on a given subject, it would be difficult for you to evaluate it properly. We hope you bear that in mind when you choose to comment on any specific topic in your personal and public life.

We hope you find this Site beneficial. In time, we hope you will be able to add to it in helpful and uplifting ways.

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