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Is Our Current Educational System Designed To Fulfill A Prosperous Future For Your Life? Are Your Dreams And Ambitions Even In the Equation?

You don't need a doctorate in education to plainly see our educational processes have let us down over the last few decades. America is not in the upper levels of education when compared to many other nations. Still, it is one of the largest expenses we have. Something isn't adding up.

The dropout rate and student's disinterest in attending classes are reaching a critical stage. That's what happens when you're not properly challenged or encouraged to go for everything that you can in life. That's what happens when your not pressed to reach out for worthy and uplifting goals.

(Watch College Conspiracy)

The general curriculum is not in tune with the drive and passions of our students of today. Most students are still unaware of what is really inside them. So much of it is in hybernation, waiting for stimulation to arouse the inner passions that stir success and invention.
Instilling pure success can only take place when you have successful people leading out - individuals that have a constant passion for what they do. When you don't have the proper ingredients for education, many students lose interest because they can't excel in the settings they are forced to stagnate their selves in.
We keep tossing more money in a system that is no longer designed to produce the results we all yearn for. Money is not the issue, but it's easy. Expensive, but easy. It's also a copout. It's also causing the deterioration of a nation that is losing its flame and drive for originality, ingenuity, resourcefulness and prosperity.
  1. Our children are being taught to gamble on one in a million chances.
  2. To hire a lawyer instead of reasoning with simple common sense.
  3. To complain and argue about some of the most insignificant things while pointing fingers at others because many of us no longer consider personal responsibility as an option.
Make Up Your Mind And Go For It
  • Do you really want to limit yourself in a system that has been designed to teach you how to work at half speed and at a decreased capacity?
  • Is working for someone else your life's desire?
  • Do you want to take a passive role when it comes to your future?
  • Do you want to idly live your life in mundane patterns that make you feel indifferent and common?
  • Is your life passion to simply go with the flow regardless where it leads?

No one wants that kind of life, but who has the guts to change their course? To make a real difference? To be a pacesetter and a direction finder? You can! Stop wasting your life and thoughts on things that do not prosper you. Go for your dreams. Fulfill your destiny. Don't hold yourself back from the awesome feats you have every ability to accomplish.

Immerse yourself into a life of inspiration, motivation and stimulation. You have a brain that has the capacity to change this world in incredible and worthwhile ways. It's time for you to reach out and grasp onto all that is important to you. To increase the value of your personal life and the goodwill of those around you. It's time for you to shine like the stars in the heavens.
Pound Down The Destructive Walls That Society Placed Around You
You are a barrier breaker. Challenge yourself until you reach the purposes that you've been brought into this world to fulfill. Obtain the values that mean so much to you - even if some of them died along the way. Spring into newness of life and don't stop growing.
Analyze the steps you've taken that brought you where you are right now. Are you where you thought you would be? Look back and see where you took some unwise turns. Look at those situations with an honest mind. Take new steps with a better and clearer perspective.
Whenever you fail to research the steps of your life, you fail to perceive the mistaken steps that brought you where you are. In neglecting to lay out a plan for your life, you are planning to have your life dictated by others.
Don't expect them to have your best interests in mind.
  1. Since we entered into a global marketplace.
  2. Since Mom and Pop Businesses are pretty much becoming a thing of the past.
  3. Since corporations are strategizing worldwide through multinational interlinks.
It's Time To Become Your Own Boss In Spite Of The Assumed Roadblocks
Do you wonder why schools don't teach you how to become self employed? Successful in your own right? People with huge sums of money have always swayed the direction of the populations. They use school systems, politics, interest groups, low grade foods and medicine the causes severe imbalances in the body, scare tactics - all kinds of tricks and sources of manipulation to bring conditions into their particular way of thinking.
Don't think for a moment that they would attempt to conform to the ways they subtly pressure other people to take. They want their positions in terms of status, wealth and dominating control. It gets into their blood and they become obsessed with it - a strange and deranged infactuation.
If you want to be a self-made entrepreneur, you'll not only have to work steady, and at times, hard, but most important you'll have to work smart. You'll have to increase your levels of discernment. You'll have to control yourself and know how to be a benefit to others instead of a manipulator.
If you want true and genuine success, you'll have to learn to work in partnering with others.
Big businesses know that if they can keep the general population from developing skills and talents no higher than the norm of standardized and very basic education levels, that they have little to fear as far as competition is concerned.
Controlled School Systems
If you think the school systems (private and public) are independent and can do as they please, you might consider rethinking how realistic you're being with yourself.
The school systems are going to limit you from ever reaching your full potential. This is obvious. What you do with this information is going to help you reach your goals or keep you in submission to others.
  1. You can continue as things are and hope for the best.
  2. You can step out of the box you've been placed in through your growing years until the present and make a dramatic difference in this world.
  3. Or you can stay in that restrictive box until it saps you of your drive, ambitions, hopes and dreams.
If you like it or not, the choice is certainly yours alone. You can blame anyone or anything for any condition you find yourself; but at the end of it all, you are the one that will determine the value and worth of your life on earth.
You are the ultimate decision maker for you life.
Where Are You?
There are typically three groups of people on earth as far as work and livelyhood are concerned.
  1. Those that use the ingenuity and wit to produce a successful business and make their own path in life.
  2. Those that work for the owners of those businesses and live a more common life. In this group are also business owners that fail to take the time to further educate their selves in making the business work for them, instead of working for the business.
  3. Those that are transitioning from a laborer mindset to a position of business success.
Your level of success will be determined by the alternative methods you seek to increase your intelligence, skill, ambitions and accomplishments.
If you're content with "whatever", no one will stop you from doing so. Don't expect to reach the dreams you may have had in your earlier years of life with that attitude.
If you're restless with ordinary, common and typical, keep stepping out and aggressively pursue all that is important for you to obtain. Stay focused; keep looking ahead and don't let the pessimists along the path deter you from fulfilling all that you deeply value.
If you are serious about financially making it in your lifetime, you have no choice but to use alternative educational methods to reach your precious and long cherished goals.
Set Your Own Value
You don't need other people telling you what you're worth by the hour. Increase your intellect, talents and abilities - step out and make a difference in this world. It's up to you to determine how much you're worth - not by the hour, but for your life's purpose and work.
When you bite into a system that dicates your worth, it will eventually degrade your value as long as you live - many people will think nothing of it. Just realize, you're not many people - you're a special person that can make a world of difference when you simply apply all that is in you for the welfare and best interests of those around you.
Regardless how much or little encouragment you get from others,
  • You have to determine within yourself that you will not be inimidated.
  • You will not become discouraged to the point of neglecting the fulfillment of your reasons for being alive.
  • You will not lose sight of your dreams and passion.
  • You will not be sidetracked into avenues that will hold you back from all that is important for you to obtain.
  • You will become the success you always knew deep down you could be.

The more regular you practice these thoughts and gain this kind of attitude, the easier it will be for you to keep stepping out until you reach it all.

You'll see that stress and anxiety will begin to fade. You will gain a richer, more fulfilling peace of mind the closer you get to your worthy plans and ambitions in life.
You alone decide if you will break the smothering yokes society and systems place upon you. You decide what kind of substance your life will consist of. You decide if your deep seated convicitons are strong enough to bring your life into victory and triumph.
Money Doesn't Buy Happiness
Don't ever expect money to buy you happiness and contentment - it will never happen. Happiness and contentment take place in how you live your life, not what you accumulate.
That is, unless you share your insight, knowledge and experience with others for the purpose of having them make more of their lives. If you fail to help people in life, you will fail to experience the true riches this life has to offer.
If you gain financial wealth and forget this, you will die a lonely person with little actual value.



No Time For Sugarcoating.
Your time on earth is extremely limited. You don't know how many years you have to develop and achieve what you want to accomplish with your life. Make every second and every decision count.
If you listen to a lot of people that aren't going very far with their lives, you will slow down your ability to succeed and excel at a rapid pace. No one will force you to advance. If you want to, it will be up to you to do so.

You have a lot more to do with your future prosperity or the lack thereof than you may be willing to accept. If you fail to step out and go for what life has to offer, you may frame yourself in to a life of meaningless rituals that will eventually leave you dissatisfied and empty inside.
If you refuse to diligently educate yourself, it will be just a matter of time before you despise your life and direction.

"If you self-educate, it is unlikely you will have to self-medicate."
"It is hard to find something of more value than patient persistence and consistent endurance. There are highly talented individuals all around us that fail to gain a reasonable levels of success. There are geniuses that die, never being recognized for their great skills and abilities. Many people die without realizing the hidden genius inside them. Education of itself will not grow unless appropriately applied into useful avenues. It is not until diligent action is interjected into a matter, that a real difference will finally be made."

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