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There has been embarrassing decay in the educational processes over the last few decades. These crippled procedures have stagnated the education of our students and possibly yourself. The low achievement positions the current educational trials have produced severely contradict the high success and practical attainment everyone wants to acquire. This has in turn brutally decreased our number of highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs in this new millennium. This has happened and continues to take place on a worldwide scale, but heavily in America, considering where we once were.

Under Their Thumb

Since the manufacturing era began, exceptionally successful business persons have been manipulating the educational processes to benefit their own selves. They have given great sums of money to maneuver students into a laborer kind of mindset. You've heard the line: "You need a good education to get a good job". Why not get a great education so you can become an excellent entrepreneur or a leader in society? Big business and prominent leaders would rather not deal with competition. They like the control they've achieved over the years.

Since governments continually choose to favor big business and their own pursuits, laws have been framed to make it difficult for many guys and gals to break out and take a realistic position in the business world especially of today.

It isn't that people are dumb. On the contrary, many of us have been dummied down in an educational system that cares more about its own positioning than its claimed purposes in providing the best education possible. It has put more people in a struggling, day by day, paycheck to paycheck situation, rather than positioning people to live more carefree and worthwhile lives.

Media and Commercialism

Media and commercialism are also used to manipulate for the purpose of downgrading our society. News is no longer for the purpose of straight, unbiased information. It's who can awe, appall, shock, excite or disgust the viewers first, and most often.

Commercials are to convince you to buy into whatever they are advertising. Politics, drugs, a way of life; they are geared to sell you on their ideas and products. Various methods of mind control have been achieved to use on commercials. Multi-billions of dollars are spent every year on how best to convince the audience - you and me, to do just what they want us to do.

As you can see, their spending has paid off in the trillions of dollars. For the right price, you can do or get just about anything these days. But not everything. Thank God there are still decent, upright people around the globe that live by honest, respectable principles and guidelines.

Instead of educating generations of students that are on fire to make this world a great place to live in - cherishing freedom, health, independence, fairness, opportunity, individuality, freewill, peace, common decency and respect; we have a world of individuals who are overstressed, overmedicated, undernourished; while many are becoming more discourteous, and others are more willing to compromise the freedoms and dreams that have meant so much.

Millions have died throughout past generations defending freedom, freewill, individual rights and independence. In the minds of many people today that didn't pay the price; based on their actions and words, it seems to have been in vain.

Natural and Balanced Nutrients are Rare in the Marketplace

Just because a person may be able to eat freely, does not mean they are nourishing their body. If foods fail to provide natural, balanced nutrition the body requires to function properly, organs and systems within the human frame malfunction or cease to function. In turn, sickness, disease, injury and death will take place in uncontrolled measures. Thought and reasoning skills will become compromised. Irrational decisions will become more commonplace. Does it sound familiar? It's happening all around us.

No more can a human soul properly function without proper and balanced nutrients than a house serve its purpose with rotting wood, a sinking foundation, windows cracked and missing, a roof with holes, walls that are crumbling, doors with broken hinges, nails that are loose and people inside that don't care.


Today there are societies that take competition to the extreme. Aiming to work together for common goals is becoming a thing of the past. When people pin blame on others when they know they are personally at fault; they will find themselves in positions that will conflict with the important values and issues that make societies function, prosper and get along.

Watch Out For Goliath

Huge corporations, conglomerates and chain businesses are gaining incredible access and control at the international level. It's getting incessantly more difficult to startup a new company to successfully and economically compete with the Goliaths of this world.

With fewer people pulling the strings in world commerce arenas, so increases the exploitation and far-reaching ability for control in abusive ways. The conglomerates ability to monopolize are reaching a point where we have little or no choice but to deal with the wretched conditions taking place - the pharmaceutical, food and energy sectors are prime examples of this.

Moving Beyond the Norm

There are a small and growing number of individuals that are moving beyond the typical standards of education. They are experiencing great advances and are taking time to teach others to do the same. They are using alternative educational sources that work.

There are more people taking a stand and holding individuals, institutions and corporations accountable that have been functioning without restraint. It's an uphill battle. More people need to take a look at their own lives to see how careful or careless they are living. Adjustments need to take place wherever discrepancies and injustices are taking place. The best place to start growing is from within.

When more people are paying close attention and are willing to stand up for courtesy, respect and common decency; fewer organizations, businesses and institutions will be able to get away with their manipulative and overbearing ways. Societies will be able to progress more efficiently; people will be able to work together more effectively; solutions for the problems, trials and devastations that plague us all will take place with frequency.

What's Your Point?

As long as these factors continue to be more prevalent throughout the world, the easier it will be for governments and big businesses to turn the entire world into a form of a socialistic, big brother, governmental-funded type of society. The more money government extracts from their people, the less people will be able to decide the kind of life they want to live for their own selves. You earn money, but they decide how it's spent? If you roll over and play dead, that's exactly what will happen. History explains this with perfect clarity.

It's easy to see the freedoms of people of the various nations are deteriorating.

Weak Links

Dominance and manipulation always attack the weakest links first. When numbers are gathered, it's easier to force the rest of society in the direction they want all the people to go. The media doesn't inform you on these aspects of society - they only tell you what they think will raise their ratings.

It boils down to this: Do you want to decide what happens with your hard earned money, your life, your values, your health? Or do you want individuals that don't care about your dreams and priorities to make your decisions for you? It doesn't matter what they choose to call this system that is rapidly being forced down our throats - world order, globalization; whatever - when you see and smell a skunk, you know it's a skunk - plain and simple.

When these manipulative and controlling factors are hard at work as they are in this new millennium; the fewer rights, freedom and independence we the people will experience in our everyday lives. Anyone paying attention clearly sees this aggressively taking place.

Of, By and For the People

In America, where it was designed to be of, by and for the people; conditions are drastically taking an opposite turn for the worst.

It is just a matter of time before we experience a fuller force of what will take place because of decisions we are personally making day by day. The decisions others are making for us behind our backs, obviously without our consent, will be another painful experience for future generations. What we are commonly told are not the ways things eventually transpire. Often things are severely manipulated; ending up to be nearly the opposite of what we were told would, in due course, take place.

A prime example is the endless array of bills passed by politicians. They attach addendums and supplementals to bills that have nothing to do with the main theme of the bill. It can be a bill or enactment on trading between nations. In turn, you can lose your freedom and access to use dietary supplements which CAFTA did in some nations, and nearly was accomplished in America in 2005.

It was only because too many people found out about it through alternative sources and flooded politicians with complaints. If they would have gotten away with it, Americans would have very limited access to alternative health solutions. Who was instigating all this behind closed doors? The pharmaceutical industry - one of the many industries that pay off politicians. There is so much corruption that is shoved through behind closed doors; out of view from the main public; it's enough to sicken anyone who is in their right mind.

This is just one isolated incident. There are thousands more going through every year that we don't find out about until they're already written into law. Billions of tax dollars are spent every year to complicate the lives of tax payers. The large working force that keeps America in motion are being taken advantage of through their high level of tolerance; mainly for the purpose of benefiting the few.


When we choose to rely and demand action from institutions more than ourselves, we are instigating more control over our own personal lives. This has been consistently repeated throughout ages past.

In early America, people worked through their own problems - they did whatever it took. If the problems were too big; friends and neighbors pitched in to help. That's where it stopped.

It's not like that anymore. Now people are ordering their governments to step in, take over and take control. Many people are unwilling to take on personal responsibility and accountability. They cry foul, and look for gullible supporters to help back them up. Granted, some people have every right to cry foul, but it has gotten terribly out of control.

American government originally had an extremely limited capacity - the smaller, the better as far as rights and freedom were concerned. Now, because there are a growing number of people who are unwilling to take on personal responsibilities for their own actions and decisions; while others refuse to mind their own business; the government is taking a more active role in caring for all of us like an uncontrollable mother hen, her chicks. There is a sad and pathetic reality to this scenario. We're grown ups and shouldn't have to go back to sucking the nipple for daily sustenance. We should be able to make our own wise decisions and get government shrunken to a more controllable dimension instead of it controlling us - draining our money and the money of our children. It still holds true: the borrower is slave to the lender.


Sold out for Food

Toward the end of the Book of Genesis, there is a story of a young man named Joseph. He was poorly mistreated by his brothers and sold as a slave. Once in Egypt, he was falsely accused of a crime and was thrown in jail for years. God was still watching over him. He eventually became the second in command in Egypt - the country of main prominence at that time.

Because of a seven year famine, the people of the land ran out of food. There was much food stored up in Egypt (government controlled). Eventually the people spent all their money to buy food from the king so they could live. When the money was gone, they turned over their livestock (what they owned for trade to make money). The famine continued and the people had no more money and all their livestock was exchanged for food.

At this point Scripture records, "buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants to Pharaoh: and give us seed, that we may live, and not die, that the land be not desolate. And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold every man his field, because the famine prevailed over them: so the land became Pharaoh's."

"Then Joseph said to the people, Behold, I have bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh: look, here is seed for you, and you will sow the land. And it will come to pass in the increase that you will give the fifth part to Pharaoh, and four parts will be your own, for seed of the field, and for your food, and for them of your households, and for food for your little ones."

"And they said, "you have saved our lives: let us find grace in the sight of my lord, and we will be Pharaoh's servants." And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt to this day, that Pharaoh should have the fifth part…"

It is essential to keep government in check. It is imperative to keep jobs and businesses in America instead of losing them for cheap labor around the world. We need to take care of ourselves and not turn our lives and livelihood over to others. We must look ahead and plan ahead.

When situations like this begin to take place, it's just a matter of time before conditions get out of hand; in turn, the people end up terribly regretting their unwillingness to take on their own responsibilities for their own lives. When restrictions reach a certain point, it takes a long time to reverse the damage that has been done - if it even begins to happen at all. It still holds true: shun debt like the plague.

Whose Rights?

Free people are being forced to give up more of their rights so some of them can receive more handouts.

There is a major difference between giving someone a helping hand and giving someone a handout. A helping hand encourages; a handout enslaves. Until this is fully understood, we as a people will continue to see our rights turned into privileges; our freedoms turned into restrictions; our independence turned into dependence and our worthy standards crumble into insignificant dust.

Just What We Ask For - Directly or Indirectly

We eventually get what we set ourselves up for. What we say we want is not always the same as what our actions tell us we want. It's like we talk from both sides of our mouth - like there are two different people living inside us. We say we want something a certain way; then we turn around and do things that are contrary to what we said we wanted. It is certainly a strange phenomenon.

We frequently contradict ourselves. It doesn't make sense. It is one thing to change your mind, but when people say something and instantly turn around in contradiction of their professed words - that is not changing your mind, but speaking from a hypocritical point of view.

We are quick to point the finger instead of asking of our own self, "What can I do to make things better or to rectify this problem?" For many people it seems easier to complain about what other people may be failing to do, instead of looking in the mirror and realize you're not doing anything but whining, grumbling and/or criticizing about the matter.

Does that make you any better or worse than the one you are passing judgment on? Or is it something you would rather just ignore? And the ones you are accusing of just being out there flapping their jaws; they are at least out there making some kind of difference. It may not always be the best thing they are standing for, but at least they are making their voice heard and people are listening - often, if the people want to hear it or not. When will you move yourself beyond the complaint department and actually do something about it if it's so important to you? Or are you just blowing hot air?

Lame Excuses

This last one is very peculiar. How often do you complain or speak against someone that is speaking up? Obviously a single voice does make a difference or you wouldn't have the opportunity to complain about them. What's the difference between their voice being heard and yours?

There is one basic difference. They took a big enough stand for something to draw a larger audience. That's the determining difference. Typically people just complain to their own self or speak out among a few friends or family. They don't write a letter to the editor; to a politician, or speak up where issues are discussed on a larger scale, or where decisions are eventually made.

The main difference is that one person took an issue serious enough to do something about it, and most other people typically do not. Hypocrisy, low self esteem or just plain cowardice are serious deterrents when it comes to making great things happen.


Some choose to sit in front of the television and vegetate, watching shows that add little if any significant value to their lives - shows that belittle, degrade, that portray vulgarity and smut as funny - not realizing how stagnant and ineffective these mesmerizing influences are making them. People are quick to point out a single and very limited moral to a story to justify their time in watching something for a half hour or as long as two hours or more. Some people choose this kind of inactivity for many hours a night - night after night.

People praise that limited moral of the story. They fail to realize how much time is spent on watching various kinds of nonsensical entertainment. Those little and limited morals to the story are typically smothered into ineffectiveness by all the other scenes and conversations spoken on these programs.

Who wants to admit they are wasting away their life, insulting their intellect and ignoring their capabilities? If you spend hours a day watching other people live their lives through the eyes of a writer, producer and director; when do you ever plan to make something of yourself - of your own life? When will you do all that is important for you to accomplish in this very short time on earth? Some find it acceptable to live in more of a brain-dead condition rather than use the intelligence and talents that are in them. That is certainly a personal decision.

Am I Talking About You?

I don't know.

You'll have to be honest with yourself and answer yourself.

You'll have to answer these questions while you analyze your personal life. When you get done with the analysis, you will then have to decide if you want to be honest with yourself with the results. If you are, then you will know exactly what statements refer to you and which ones do not.

Do You Truly Realize Your Abilities and Talents?

So much gifted ability, strength and genius are being degraded into a mere form of existence. People that can produce worthwhile experiences in their own lives and the lives of others are forfeiting so much for so very little and think their life is great - at least, all right; it'll do. From a business perspective, such a condition would force a company into bankruptcy and out of business. That's what's happening to the small and medium sized businesses of today. That's what's happening to Americans and America. We had what worked, and we let others persuade us to change course.

Are you shortchanging yourself? your life? your loved ones? your experience? your influence? your destiny? Do you know how many talents and skills you have that you did not even tap into yet? Do you even have a clue? Have you given yourself a realistic chance to find out all that is inside you?

These are questions you will have to ask yourself to see which ones apply to your personal life. Being honest with yourself is the only way you will be able to determine the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Some Things Are Alright In Moderation

There is nothing wrong with a limited amount of television or watching an occasional movie or two. Some movies are very good. Some shows are educational. There is also a lot of garbage out there. When unproductive activities begin to consume a steady flow of your free time, you need to consider what your life is really worth to you.

It is essential to be responsible for your own individual life in every way and in every circumstance. The decisions you personally make and the actions you individually practice will produce sure results. Whether they are pleasant and constructive outcomes will be determined on your own frame of mind and attitude in how you view yourself and your influence in this world.

Who Did It?

We have no right to blame others for our own mistakes and accuse others for our own lack of proper judgment - that is, if we want to live a sane and realistic life.

We need to realize aligning basic reasoning skills with simple common sense is mandatory for living a sane and worthwhile life. It is sad that these simple check and balancing procedures are not more commonly found in many people's lives. Where does the change take place? Inside you; and then in the influence you make in the world.

Pay Attention and You'll be Surprised at what is Really Taking Place

It's time to pay closer attention to your own self, to those around you, to governments, commerce and the news.

Certainly much of news and television broadcasting have reached unsafe and stigmatizing levels of hypnotic manipulation. We are being lulled into a state of becoming desensitized toward the corruption and devastations that are taking place both near us and far away. In turn, we are less likely to take a stand against any of it, or do what we can to better the situations that are happening.

Watching news is more like we're watching a show or a movie. It's typically only when something hits our own personal life; when we experience first hand what disaster or restrictions on our life really mean. When it hits home we find out we're not watching something stirred up from Hollywood. We find out we're not immune to horrible conditions or situations. We find out what devastation really is.

Anyone who chooses to open their eyes wide enough and look honestly can plainly see the realities of these statements being made are accurate and true.


How often do you try to talk to a child when they are watching a television show? Do you see how connected they are to what they're watching; and how lost they are to whatever it is you're saying to them? These same conditions are going on around the world with everyone to various degrees.

We allow ourselves to be consumed with personal issues. In turn, we fail to do much about the circumstances that are forming around us. By this, our lives become more difficult. It eventually gets to the point where it's more of an issue or hassle than we want to deal with.

Who suffers from the lack of involvement? The unwillingness to do something about it? Typically the next generations. Why? Because we failed to take care of our own responsibilities and situations when we had the chance. We passed the buck, the bill, the debt, and the problems on to our own children. Do you know what that says about us? Do you wonder why so many young people feel the way they do about their future?

What is Worth Fighting For?

Is a great, not mediocre, but is a great education worth fighting for? Are freedom and independence worth fighting for? Of course they all are. But we are being terribly blindsided in thinking the war for liberty and independence are happening in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

When in truth, the wars are taking place in our every day lives, in our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities, in the offices of our political appointees and in our own mind. There are countless forces instigating these movements.

The question is: are we paying close enough attention to see how these actions are transpiring? Are we doing everything we can to hinder and stop the devastating tendencies that will occur; or will we attempt to ignore them? Will we wait until, after the fact, and terribly regret our disinterest when we had a chance to make a difference?

Look into the eyes of a young vibrant child and see the hopes and dreams that are alive in them. Is their future worth fighting for? If you don't think so, why do we keep bringing them into this world if we don't care enough to give them a future worth reaching out to? How long ago could someone have looked into your eyes and see awesome hopes and dreams for the future? What story do your eyes tell right now? Getting real is past due for all of us.


David and Goliath

If you're familiar with the story of David and Goliath, you know who came out the victor. If you're not familiar with the accurate description of what happened, you might consider looking it up in the Bible.

Following is a brief overview of what took place:

The Israelites and Philistines were battling for supremacy. The Philistines had a huge man, even for those days; he was enormous - not real fat, but large and husky. There were still a few individuals left on earth that retained the larger stature as was common before the flood in Noah's day. And no, he didn't take steroids to get that big - it was his ancestry.

Goliath came out against the Israelites day after day, humiliating them, shaming them, insulting their God, insulting their nation, mocking them and intimidating them. He was so conceited in himself that he thought he was invincible.

David was sent by his father to the place where the Israelites had taken their stand; he wanted to know how his other sons were doing and how the war was going. When David saw Goliath come out with his insults, mocking and intimidation, he could not sit still. Those around him heard him say he was not afraid to go against this huge Goliath - no other Israelite even considered such a bold move.

Some time before this, David slew a lion and a bear because they attacked his father's sheep that were in his care. David said Goliath would be like the lion and the bear he slew.

David soon after was given permission to go out after Goliath to battle - one on one. He didn't go out with sword, shield and armor, but with a simple sling and a few stones - wearing no more than unadorned shepherd's apparel. The haughty, well seasoned Goliath, decked with a full coat of armor, spear and shield felt highly insulted that throughout all the tribes of Israel, they sent a young lad out to fight against him.

So what did David do? Did he cautiously sidestep his way toward Goliath? Did he whimper his way to the confrontation? Did he dash behind tree and rock on his way to the battle? Did he shake and tremble with fear? No, none of the above. David was not in any way intimidated by Goliath; his size, his armor, his weapons or his words.

David, in the fullness of his vigor and youth sprinted toward Goliath trusting in God - just as he did all his life. When he got within striking distance, he loaded his sling with a stone and swung it with full force. Goliath in his arrogance, left his forehead shield partially opened. That is exactly where the stone implanted itself - in the very forehead of Goliath.

Upon impact, the giant fell dead to the ground.

So What's The Point?

What does all this have to do with education? Sometimes there are battles done with weapons, sometimes with words, sometimes with ideas and sometimes with sheer passion and determination.

A Goldmine of Information

More people today are gaining sources of information and education through alternative ways including the internet. Anyone with deep and driving elements of passion for success can diligently pursue their dreams and possibilities. More people no longer have to limit their educational channels to the public and private avenues of typical schooling.

Anyone with an insatiable appetite to learn can gain incredible strides in just about any field they desire through alternative methods. You can look at any barrier before you - it can be real or you may just perceive it to be real. You can focus and concentrate on defeating it no matter what it is.

Through self-education, using due diligence, drive and passion; triumph can be seen on every horizon. You can look at and use your innate abilities to grow in exponential ways if you want to. If you do, you can make a great difference in this world. The only one that could be stopping you, is you - whether it is lack of confidence, laziness or just not caring. Whatever the reason for not getting involved stems from inside of you. You can't blame someone else.

There are individuals in this world with the severest of handicaps that refuse to give up. They not only refuse to give up, but they move themselves to achieve incredible feats that are difficult for individuals with all their faculties and functions.

You can look at anything in any way you want. You may give something the appearance of a roadblock or a detour - if that's what you want to make it out to be. Or it can simply be a learning experience for you to go through. If you do, that situation will better prepare you for what lies further ahead in your life.

It depends what kind of perspective you choose to see with and decide to live by. What is your frame of mind? What is your attitude? How much passion do you have? Do you make a big deal out of everything? Where is your head?

If you want everything before you to be a great opportunity and a worthwhile growing experience, that's exactly what every situation can become in your own mind.

You can refine and perfect your abilities to persevere, endure and overcome any circumstance or obstacle that comes into your life - if you simply want to.

You can decide to only allow pure victory to rule in your life regardless what shows itself in the very center of your path. What is your personal perspective? What happened to you in the past that may be haunting you from stepping out boldly today?

Be Careful Who You Look To

Often you won't be able to look to those closest to you for support in your search of discovery. Many people will try to discourage you from obtaining all that is important for you to fulfill. You have to decide, as David did centuries ago, that you are going to step out and keep stepping out for all that is important for you to obtain and accomplish; simply because it's the right thing to do. You will not silence your inner convictions for any reason or because of anyone.

Move It - Life Is Short

If there is a mountain before you, as Goliath was to David, don't stand there gawking over its size. David didn't. He was human just like you. He didn't have any special powers of his own, except in the way he looked at things, and the Power of the One in Whom he explicitly trusted.

Is there a mountain before you? Then gather the necessary supplies for the journey. Strategically navigate a path. Immediately start climbing until you reach the top.

Don't dilly dally. Get to it. The more you think about it, the more excuses you will come up with to avoid fulfilling your destiny.

If there is an ocean before you, don't think it's impossible to get across just because you can only see water from where you stand. Start building a boat or plane and get to the other side. Get thinking. What's it going to take? What do I have to do?

If there is a huge forest in front of you, don't get scared because of the uncertainty of what's inside. Gather the proper supplies and tools and start cutting your path through the thicket until you reach the other side.

Explore and conquer the paths that are before you. Don't allow intimidation or fear to hold you back from your action-packed journey through this life.

Bring your current life: your thoughts, your talents, your abilities, your experiences, your intelligence, your insight, your education, your wisdom; bring all that you are right now to the table and fulfill the passions of your calling. Decide to do great things for humanity. Decide to live your life to the full.

The only reservations you want to allow into your current mindset are the mistakes you've done in the past; and only to the extent that you don't make those mistakes again. Don't beat up yourself because of your past - you can't change what already happened. Exchange the foolishness of the past in accomplishing something really great today. Amend your poor decisions of the past by replacing them with helpful and uplifting alternatives today. Live a transformed and awesome life.

Some people think the mistakes of their past will keep resurfacing, as if they didn't learn from the experience. They think they haven't grown beyond their failures. If you choose to keep reliving your past mistakes, you will certainly hinder your future successes and destroy the good you can certainly accomplish today.

The decision is totally yours in how you want to grow from your experiences. Or would you rather live in a dead kind of way because you uphold your past disappointments so highly? Are you letting your past failures hinder you from living a full life today? Do you focus on barriers, or do you see a wide, endless and beautiful blue sky of discovery before you? Do you see grand opportunities and possibilities to grow and expand your life like never before?

It's up to you if you want to look at opportunity and strategize your approach and to go for it; or you can choose to conjure up every excuse you can think of and conclude,

Is that all your life is worth to you? If so, how did you ever allow yourself to get into such a condition? If you got yourself into that kind of situation, you can get yourself out - if you want to; if you're worth it to yourself. If you don't think you are worth it, you obviously have no clue on who you really are.

You obviously and horribly underestimate yourself. Why would you ever consider underestimating yourself? Who convinced you to do such a thing? Break free - you can do it. If you trained your thoughts to work in a negative, beat-yourself-up kind of way; you can certainly transform them to work in a positive, uplifting and constructive way.

Don't allow yourself to be sidetracked in any way. Go, and keep going until you obtain that which you pursue. Always remember to give a helping hand to those along your path of venture. Don't let them sidetrack you from your focus, but bring them along and help them see their own way more clearly. Just stay focused.

Stand, and Keep Standing

You have standards, priorities; the will and drive to stand for what is right, just, decent and worthy. You don't have to entertain failure. You don't have to entertain the negative ways of other people. Defeat does not have to be an option for you. Let victory and triumph be written in the law books of your heart and mind. Don't allow anything less to become a part of your present life and future. You don't have to. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

The Past is a History Lesson.

Learn from it - don't dwell on it.

Understand it - once you know what it is, you can then let go of areas that have troubled you for days, months, years or a lifetime. It's hard to let go of something that you don't understand what it is. Once you know what it is that has been troubling you, you can then see it for what it really is; not what time, stress and pain have blown it up to become in your own mind.

It could have been a horrible and hideous experience. You have to look at it for what it is with the eyes you have today. You have to look and see how it is hindering you from becoming the person you always wanted to be. You can't keep letting it destroy and hinder your life adventures, journey, accomplishments and successes. You have to understand the experience and what it has done to you, let it go and move on. You have to get to the point where you can let it go freely and quite easily because you see it for what it really is today.

Often when we had a traumatic experience of some kind, we keep looking at it with who we were at the time of the incident. We remember or keep looking back at it with the same mindset and outlook we had at the time it occurred We are stuck in the same traumatic view, with the same mentality, maturity level and experience level we had when it took place.

We fail to reanalyze past experiences from a current perspective. We fail to integrate what time, experience, knowledge, maturity, insight and wisdom have taught us since the experience. In turn, we are stuck seeing it in a way in which it may no longer be. It may be affecting us in a way that is no longer relevant or valid. It may be something that time has been able to alleviate or let go of, but what we are still holding onto with all our might because of how much it hurt us. It may be time to let go of the view and impact it had on our life when it took place.

It doesn't mean we have to accept it as if it was alright that it happened. If it is still affecting your life in traumatic ways, it was no doubt a very ugly and hurtful experience. But it is time to move on. It is time to let go. You must realize your incredible personal value in who you were back then; who you still are to this day; and who you will be every day of the rest of your life. You must focus on your genuine quality and worth. You must place your estimation of yourself far above the foolishness and degrading arrogance of whomever it was that did such a despicable thing to you.

Let the harmful and painful experiences go that you may be free.

Let peace into every aspect and area of your entire being.

Move on in newness of life for you, for the ones you love and for the ones that love you so much.

Don't forget where you came from, but don't live back in your past either. True life is progressive. Lessons are to grow from; not to stay there and wither on the vine.

If you can think it, you can picture it. If you can picture it, you can see yourself doing it. If you can see yourself doing it, it is just a matter of time before others will see you fulfilling what was important enough for you to accomplish.

Anyone can invent thoughts in their own mind to deter them from pursuing what is important to them deep within their soul. You don't have to perceive a challenge as an obstacle. No one can make you think of a confrontation as being an impossible or troublesome battle. Even the word confrontation can be misleading if you let it be.


On any path or journey you find yourself, there will be tasks that must be completed. For you to reach the ultimate end of whatever it is you want to do with your life, you simply persevere until you get there. Will there be confrontations? You can look at them as confrontations; or you can simply look at them as certain responsibilities that need to be accomplished to get the results you desire.

You know where your mind is when you really want something in the most serious of terms. There is nothing that is going to get in your way. You can apply the same mindset with everything else in your life if you want to. You already proved to yourself that you can certainly gain success with some things. With the proper education and passion, you can do the same with anything else you set your mind to.

You can decide how you want to view every single thing and instance in your life. You can allow the fears or fantasies of others to cloud your perception of what you want to achieve. You can make out the path that is before you in to some difficult, mind-boggling menagerie of struggle and hardship. You can entrap yourself in the, "poor me" pit - it's entirely up to you what you do with every aspect of your life. You can't blame your decisions or results on anyone else because you are the one deciding which actions to take and live by.

If you so choose, you can simply stay focused on what you want to do and just start doing it until it is completely fulfilled. Life consists of a whole lot of stuff that basically needs to be done. Don't make this stuff out to be more than what it really is. If you lack education, go find a source that will directly enable you to accomplish what you want. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing it right and successfully.

It is also good to remember that if you are not willing to take a stand for something, you will most likely fall for many things. If you don't set up your own goals for your life, others will persuade or manipulate you into fulfilling their goals for them. In turn, you will eventually not be pleased with your end results.

What Makes You Tick?

Did you ever write them down? If not, why not? If you did, is it time to update them? If so, get to it. No one is going to do it for you.

It's up to you to step out and make happen whatever is important to you. When you are determined, you can remain determined. You don't have to allow the negative or pessimistic views of others to cloud your clear outlook on what you want to achieve with your own life. Do you have serious convictions? Then focus on them. You only have so many years of life on earth as we know it.

Don't waste your time carelessly, thoughtlessly or irrationally when you have your sights on important matters. If you do, you'll be dead before you make them a reality.

Will You Compromise?

Will you allow yourself to be sidetracked? If you do, then you better reinvestigate your priorities and analyze just how important your mission really is in this life. Seriously consider the real value you placed on your objectives, on your priorities and what value you placed on yourself and those around you. Figure out how important you see yourself in the overall scheme of things.

You can be as unstable as water. You can be as unshakable as a mountain. You make the final decisions on who you are and who you will become. You can allow yourself to be persuaded one way or another; just realize and know for a certainty that you are making the ultimate decisions. You are individually accountable for your every action and decision.

You can delude yourself and attempt to blame someone else for poor judgment or laziness in not thinking things through; but reality will always point the finger back at you. Whether you choose to see the finger or not is irrelevant to the reality of this matter.

All the days of David - even from his childhood; he knew where he could find the True Source of Strength, Wisdom, Passion, Will, Insight and Determination. David did not lose or give up hope. He always knew in Whom he could, without fail, explicitly place his trust and confidence.

What will you choose for your path in this life?


Naysayers and cynics are a dime a dozen. What will your ultimate decisions be? Will simple logic, clear-cut reasoning and straightforward common sense be your guides?

Will those whom you allowed to discourage you be there when you need someone strong to hold you up when times get tough? It's not likely. You have to decide in whom you will place your trust and confidence. You have to decide how important your goals and calling really are to you.

You Are Accountable For Your Every Decision

You will be held accountable for fulfilling or not fulfilling your life purposes while on this earth. Your choices will determine if you live with regrets. Your decisions will decide if you live with a smile on your face and with pure satisfaction and contentment in your soul. The ways you spend your daily life and the thoughts you allow to fill your mind will decide what path your life's journey will take. They will establish your life purpose and your end result.

No one on earth can or will make the transforming decisions of your life for you. Others will try (at times, quite forcefully) to manipulate or persuade you to do this or that, but you are the one who makes the final decisions for your individual life. You're not as weak as you may have made yourself appear to be in your own mind.

Your decisions will bring you into places, situations and experiences you either wanted or didn't want to end up in. Your life is very short. You may not think so right now. But before you know it; your life will be over in this lifetime.

Your continuous decisions will determine if you move into the afterlife or end up being nothing at all.

It All Matters

Are the decisions you make today going to have any relevance in the days ahead? Certainly - every single one of them. It is not wise to belittle the things one may consider as being little or insignificant in this life. It is how you handle the supposed little matters of this life that will determine how you handle the larger more significant matters yet to take place. Every decision does make a difference regardless how you presently think or feel about it.

Are you ready to educate yourself? Or are you going to allow yourself to be spoon-fed with information that will greatly limit your abilities, severely hinder your capabilities and shortchange your experiences?

A great life consists of making constant and continuous wise and intelligent decisions. You have what it takes to live that kind of life if you realize it or not. How will you choose to interpret and learn from your not-so-wise preferences in life? What you decide will determine your ability or inability to forgive yourself and bounce back into the action plan that is set before you.

Not everything can be learned from books or in a typical classroom. So don't limit yourself.

Focus Your Attention on Elevated Themes


The Waves of Life

You know when you toss a stone in a pond; the water ripples to the shore; then the ripples return to where the stone immersed itself in the pond; then they continue to go in all different directions. The more the ripples travel, the smaller the ripples become; but the ripples go on further than you think they do; the ripples have a more continuous effect than your eyes can see.

The same happens with your life. How ever you choose to live it, it will have a ripple effect - an influence on those around you. It doesn't stop there. The influence you have on others will affect the people around them. The affects that originated with you will come back and affect you again. It comes back quickly when it happens in your close and personal realm of influence.

These same effects continue and go all around the world. These worldwide influences also eventually come back to re-influence you. You may not thing so; you may not see this happening, but it's happening. What kind of influence are you giving to others? Is it the kind of influence you would want for yourself? Because it is just a matter of time before it works its way back to you.

You Determine Your Personal Values

If it is, it is totally worthless to live with such ineffective and worthless mannerisms. It says a lot about who you are. If you place value and give little thought to such actions, you close yourself off from all Eternity. What a waste of what could have been a great life.

Though many people today choose to live by such traits; their lives will be riddled with misery, wretchedness and sorrow. Typically a person will try to ignore such feelings, but they eventually become more haunting than a person is able to stomach.

In their mind's eye, they are often looking over their shoulder in fear of someone sneaking up to cause them harm. They typically have a very low view of who they are - even if they act in an opposite way. When people live a disrespectful life, hidden or openly, they often want others to live in similar ways - it tends to justify their crude behavior - it makes them feel they are not alone in their foul-mouthed, dirty-minded ways.

They can use cutting words that can tear up your hopes and dreams if you let them. And that is the key - if you let them.

There is an old saying: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." It is true that sticks and stones can break bones. Words do hurt everyone to a certain degree. Often they hurt a lot more than what many people will admit. Typically offensive and cutting words can cause more damage than many sticks and stones. Many people allow the words of others to destroy what is important for them to live by.

Many people allow their personal quests in life to be hindered or stopped because of certain things that were said to them. Dreams are often crushed. Uplifting and reputable standards for living are at times diminished to a mere existence of lame formalities.

Why? Because people allow the intimidation of others to devastate, humiliate or suppress their sense of obligation toward their own personal values and life. It is a sad and heart wrenching outlook when a person undervalues or cheapens the importance of their reasons for being brought into this world.

Develop a Tough Outer Layer of Skin but Keep the Heart Tender and Warm

It can be hard to stop mean and discouraging words from damaging you mentally and emotionally; especially if you already feel poorly about yourself. You must also realize that bullies and other intimidators specifically attack a person's vulnerabilities. You may not know how they figure out your weak spots, but they often tend to effectively trigger them.

It is essential to understand that mean words are there to intentionally break you down and destroy your hopes, dreams, internal peace, joy and Eternal Destiny.

Once you truly understand and know the crude and lowlife tactics that will often be used against you; you will realize that you don't have to succumb to such scrupulous devices; you can rise above such attacks; you can blow off these conniving maneuvers as the useless tools that they are.

Do so, and you will be well on your way to accomplishing the successes that are dear and highly valued to your own soul. The constructive, positive, honest and uplifting influences you have on others will produce rewards and blessings that can not be compared to any physical thing or other experience on earth.

On the Eve of Destruction

This world is heavily bent on destruction. It is up to you to decide to live your life to bring optimistic, inspiring, useful and enriching ideas and plans to the forefront. It is up to you to build up the beautiful things in this world, and only tear down the things that hinder loving, caring and meaningful progress.

You must also realize there are movements already in place that are specifically designed to break down and destroy many good things in and around you. You don't want to insult yourself and run away from your personal responsibilities. You want to take a definite and solid stand against those things that are set up to complicate your life in ways that simply should not be.

An expert demolition team can bring a house or huge building to the ground quickly; but it takes careful time and planning to replace it with something beautiful, appreciated and deeply cherished.

You can make a solid and unwavering stand. No one is stopping you unless you choose to stop yourself.

You could allow things you may have accepted in the past to deter you from taking a stand against things that are disrespectful, vulgar and offensive to you today.

You can ignore prudent intelligence, genuine decency, legitimate truth and authentic value.

What do you want for your life - what do you really want? That is what totally matters.

Looking Back at Your Life Activities

When you're near or on your death bed, will you look back at those times of intimidation; the manipulations that were directed toward you? Will you look back and see yourself hindered or completely stopped from accomplishing all that was important for you to do?

Or will you look back and see yourself looking through that manipulative trash as the insignificant refuse that it was? Will you see yourself breaking through barriers, gaining victories in your life? Will you see yourself living the life you always knew you would?

Now is the time that will make the distinctions in your life. What you do now will determine how you view the future. All will be based on the decisions you make today - day by day. See worthless trash for what it is. See the value and significance of stepping out and making positive influences in the world around you. It's up to you to decide what real legitimate value is. It's up to you to live your life with all your might.

Pride? Selfishness? Arrogance? Do you truly understand or know their underlining motivations and capabilities? Can you identify their capacity to destroy and hinder your good works and thwart your opportunity to live the best life ever?

If you don't comprehend the destructive forces of such traits, you may never understand how often they interfere with you reaching and accomplishing your valued dreams and cherished convictions. It is imperative to discern the power of your every decision - your every move - for good or for injury; that is, if you truly want to live a life worth living.

In Review

In the beginning of this study, we discussed some of the obstacles (opportunities) that are before us in this life. Some have the appearance of being too huge to comprehend or too enormous to do anything about. We talked about responsibilities and using discretionary judgment. We also mentioned that our personal perspective on how we view things will determine how overwhelming or manageable a matter can become.

How Much? How Serious?

No one can answer these questions for you. Others may detect if you are living in accordance to what you say is important to you. But no one can make the decisions that will ultimately determine the directions you take in this life; and in turn, determine if you will have an Eternal Life to follow.

Pick your choices with great prudence. Make your decisions with deep and meaningful thought. Form judgments with the most cautious and vigilant insightful wisdom you can muster. Constructive education and fervent passion will produce astounding returns. The results of your every consideration will definitely decide your future.