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About Us

We are individuals who struggled in many areas of life. We grew up in a time where you could typically trust what people said - at least to a reasonable extent. Today it is getting very difficult to know who you can trust or believe.

In many circumstances position and titles have become irrelevant when it comes to honesty and truth. This is a real drag. You must constantly have your guard in place.

We also believe that the good and decent life of one person can seriously and deeply affect the lives of those around them in uplifting and encouraging ways.

We believe the convictions of one person can make this world a better place to live.

Don't Tell Me the Truth
We found out there are many people that don't want to know the truth. They persuaded their self that it is easier for them to live according to some lie or a number of fabrications garbed in convincing looking attire. It's like: "Don't tell me the truth; I just figured out how to live according to the lie."

Leave Me Alone

It seems there are more people that don't want to concern themselves in much of anything. "Leave me alone; I don't want to get involved." "I can't do anything about it anyway." "Just let me sit here and complain about everything that is under the sun."

They want to live their life, their way, according to their terms and conditions. It doesn't matter if their ways are highly complicated and difficult. Some people just find it easier to live the way they were taught in the past; regardless how inessential those ways really are; regardless if those ways are accurate, true or respectful toward others or toward their own self.

Repetitive History?

You've heard that history keeps repeating itself. It's not so much that history keeps repeating itself; but rather that generations of individuals keep making decisions that are not particularly beneficial to them or their well being. People commonly ignore their mistakes. People typically blow off the mistakes of others as if they are beyond the ability to learn from the failures of others.

I Want It Now

It is common for people to want immediate results. What's in it for me? I want it now! It's like people want the perfect life and expect to pick it up at a drive-up window. "Give me a great life with the works - and hurry up - I don't have all day."

The Good Life

A life worth living takes patient nurturing, care and careful attention. People often attempt to bypass the patient, the nurturing and the careful attention. Now! Right Now! Not tomorrow - NOW! NOW!!

It is through the meditative times of a person's life where the real growth and insight become a reality in one's mind. It's when the obstacles (opportunities) pop up in life; you look at them; you carefully observe them; you analyze them with scrutiny; then you begin to extrapolate them through your extrasensory avenues of your soul, based from your past life experiences and existing reasoning skills. In patient persistence and endurance you begin to feather through your purposes and meaning for life.

The Golden Rule

It is in the ways you treat other people that determines who you really are. Do you want to see if your values match up in ways you say they do? Or are you trying to con others to believe you are someone you really are not? Most people can see through such disguises - they typically keep silent about it. In turn, we think we pulled the wool over another unsuspected victim in our life - when in truth we are only deceiving our own self.

Honesty with yourself - can you handle it? If not, you will not obtain what you claim is so important to you.

Our hope is to stir up questions in your mind. Will you be bold enough to be straightforward with yourself and look at your life objectively? We hope so. We only want to see you living your life to your full and unlimited capacity. We've been on both sides and found out real living is found in honest truth. We also found out we enjoy the great benefits in handling the truth. You can too.

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